How I wrote it

My short story ‘Wild Love‘ was published in Makarelle’s winter 2021/22 edition, which was on the theme Love is Love. I wrote this story during my MA in Creative Writing. How it came about was, I wanted to challenge myself to write something in the romance genre. I considered this to be a challenge becauseContinue reading “How I wrote it”

A short story I wrote

‘Medusa Takes a Bath, and Becomes a Monster’, by Mina Ma My short story will be performed at the next Liars’ League event, which is on the theme Women and Girls. Event details here.

A short protest story

‘Lather and Nothing Else’, by Hernando Tellez Read it here in less than 15 minutes. In relation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the 2022 Winter Olympics, and everything else happening in the world today that shouldn’t be, thinking about how we can use literature to protest… Tellez was a Colombian journalist and author, who livedContinue reading “A short protest story”


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About Me

My name is Mina Ma. I’m an English teacher, and a writer of short stories and short creative nonfiction.

I blog about short stories (and sometimes flash, novels, poetry, non fiction), because analysing what other writers do helps my own writing.

There’s usually a new blog post every week.

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