The Death and Life of Mrs Parker

The wonderful Jupiter Jones…

My novella-in-flashThe Death and Life of Mrs Parkerwillbe published by Ad Hoc Fiction on September 10th. It’s available now to pre-order at a 25% discount. (code: JJ1009)

Pre-Orders | Ad Hoc Fiction

“A theory expounded by Heidegger is that time is a series of ‘nows’, each one always already the subject of a flash of experience, and all hurtling towards the finitude that defines experience.”

When Mrs Parker begins to feel most peculiar, an ambulance is called, and as the paramedics set to work, she wonders if that will be the end of her, there, at The Oriental Dragon surrounded by strangers forking up their fried rice specials.  As her life hangs in the balance, she considers her heart and reviews some of the ‘nows’ of a life richly lived and almost always taken for granted.

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