My top 10 of 2022

I’ve been busy with work and life in 2022, so haven’t had time to update my blog, but I have still been reading! Here are some of my favourites from my 2022 reading: Deaf Republic, by Ilya Kaminsky What I love about this poetry collection, apart from the language, is the way it plays withContinue reading “My top 10 of 2022”

A short story for Halloween

‘Afternoon at the Bakery’ by Yoko Ogawa Read it here (click on ‘Read Excerpt’, underneath the picture of the book’s cover, to read the entire story), in about 20 minutes. Thinking about why it’s unsettling… The first two paragraphs describe a beautiful day in a peaceful place, where people go about their business, doing ordinaryContinue reading “A short story for Halloween”